Jacob’s Hope Academy

Motto: “A wise and understanding people”

Mission Statement: To provide our students with advanced learning opportunities while empowering knowledge of their cultural heritage which promotes self-awareness, cultural pride, brotherly love and community values.

Vision Statement: To instill our students at Jacob’s Hope Academy with wisdom and understanding, to make thy way prosperous and have good success.

Education Philosophy Statement: Jacob’s Hope Academy (JHA) educational philosophy is solely based on the Constructivist Learning Theory, which enable learners to construct knowledge out of their experiences with pedagogic approaches that promote active learning. In addition, Biblical Principles will be instilled so that learners know, understand, and have the ability to apply them.

The book of Ecclesiasticus 29:21 states, “The chief thing for life is water, and bread, and clothing, and an house to cover shame”. This conveys the fundamentals things in life in order to sustain a nation of people. Ecclesiasticus 39:26 states, “The principle things for the whole use of man’s life are water, fire, iron, and salt, flour of wheat, honey, milk, and the blood of the grape, and oil, and clothing”. Many of these principles should be the guiding force that directs students in their field of study.

Jacob’s Hope Academy (JHA), unlike many educational institutions, will incorporate the hands on experience in which knowledge is internalized through the application of the learned subject. Each core subject will be integrated with other subjects, as well as vocational and practical concepts. Thus, better preparing students to be self-sufficient and contend with the advancement of today’s society.

Jacob’s Hope Academy (JHA) will prepare students to think as entrepreneurs and what it takes to build and sustain a nation of people. JHA has realized that there is a lack of direction and accountability within the Black and Hispanic communities. The responsibilities given to the youth to sustain a nation through their efforts, produces a purpose which is not found within our community. As a school established on biblical principles, it will solely revolve around the support of the community working in each child’s life and making sure each student achieves a high level of academic excellence.

Providing accountability, purpose and community support (JHA) will have the ability to combat the structured school to prison pipeline, which was by design. In addition, students will acquire knowledge regarding credit, real estate, banking, agriculture, health, computer science and etc. As stated in Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish.