How to Apply to JHA?

To apply you’ll need to fill out our registration form to create a login and provide some basic information about the student. Then you’ll choose your child’s specific grade for enrollment and any additional academic information necessary for their learning and success. If you need help completing the online application or have questions about the application process, contact our admissions department at


Admission Checklist

This checklist is available to assist you in remaining on course throughout your child’s admissions process. As you complete your child’s application, confer with the checklist to ensure the completion of each item required.

Checklist Items:

  • Online Application
  • Previous grade report card or transcript
  • Most recent state exam scores (if applicable)


Report Card or Transcript Requirements

To be admitted to JHA, the Office of Admissions requires your child’s most recent report card or transcript reflecting academic capability; specifically in the core subjects. All academic transcripts or recent report cards should be sent to our admissions department at


Once Your Child is Accepted

After you receive an offer of admissions, your child will be considered a student of Jacob’s Hope Academy and you will immediately have access to:

  • Set-up a student account
  • Set-up a parent account ( same as student account)
  • Access your child’s blackboard classroom
  • Have your child complete the required orientation


Online Admissions Application

The student homepage at JHA is designed for your child’s interaction with other JHA students, faculty, staff, classroom resources and much more. From this particular page, you can submit an admissions application, upload your child’s most recent report card or transcript, and contact the enrollment team for questions you may have, as well as begin to familiarize yourself with your new learning community.

  • Create New Account (link)
    • Link to Admissions Application
  • Log In (link)